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When we gain weight, overweight generally is distributed equitably throughout the body, increasing all measures proportionally. However, in some people, this leftover fat tends to get accumulated in the abdomen, causing the dreaded protruding belly that clashes of healthy measures of the rest of the body.
The nutritionist Caroline Dias Pereira, Father Miguel Clinical Hospital, explains that this condition is more common in women and occurs due to genetic factors.
Besides being aesthetically uncomfortable for many people, the accumulation of abdominal fat is the most dangerous for health, since it is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other complications. Moreover, it is particularly difficult to remove fat which is already linked to genetic predisposition.
Exercises to lose belly
Can not tell the body which region should be thinned: weight loss happens in a generalized way. However, it is possible to direct efforts to work more directly to the abdomen, especially in the field of physical exercise, and get a slightly more significant result in this target.
The personal trainer expert in Exercise Physiology Oswaldo Langella explains that the best workout to burn fat – both visceral, which is the nearest to the organs and therefore more dangerous, as subcutaneous, which is more superficial – are the cardio intervals of high intensity combined with weight training.
The high-intensity interval training (HIIT, its acronym in English) is an aerobic workout mode that blends moments of high intensity with other low-intensity or absolute rest. A widely practiced example of HIIT is the alternation between slow walking and fired on the treadmill.
“The interval training and weight training form a potent duo fat burners”, says the professor. “Thirty minutes of aerobic combined 40 minutes of weight training three to four times a week is enough to get results,” he says.
Oswaldo lists the exercises that burn more calories and better contribute to the burning of abdominal fat:



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