Protein diet: wipes 7 kilos in 14 days

There’s a new light at the end of the tunnel for women who want to wipe grease and failed to succeed with any weight loss program. After years studying every nuance of protein diets, obesity expert George L. Blackburn, Harvard University, USA, gave its approval to a rereading of this method, which uses basically protein supplements not produced by body and therefore seen as essential.
This way, the American food program was adapted by homeopath Marcia Jablonka Kelman and the nutritionist Leticia Okamoto, both clinical Biodiet in Sao Paulo. “Our plan, called diet of high biological value protein meets the dietary habits of the Brazilian,” says Leticia.
Carbohydrates, banned in most protein diets are our primary fuel. Without them, the body goes into ketosis process, that is, consume the fat stores for energy. Hence the weight loss.
The problem is that this type of program causes depression, dizziness, and even memory lapses. Far less radical than the original, created by dr. Atkins, the diet of high biological value protein reduces carbohydrate intake rather than abolish them simply, as well as limiting the consumption of fats in place of the free pass. And – this is the main point – favors the proteins of the meat, egg (especially clear), dairy products and especially whey protein – extracted supplement of whey, which offers a high biological value protein, ie , easily absorbed.
One of the reasons this diet protein is betting on the thermogenic effect, which speeds metabolism. It is that our body has a 30% greater difficulty to digest protein than to process fats and carbohydrates. And it accelerates the burning of stored fats.
They also prolong the feeling of satiety, give firmness to the skin, help maintain lean body mass (or increase muscle, if you do exercise with weight). Conclusion: more than toasting a lot of calories, proteins avoid the plateau effect, wherein the weight loss after a park time.
But the dose should be controlled. “The new diet concentrates the protein in a quantity that does not overload the kidneys and causes no side effects such as hair loss, anemia and fainting, among others. And it is beneficial especially for people who do not respond to low-calorie weight loss programs,” says Marcia.
Reinforcing: the protein should be lean! That is why you will find whey protein often on the menu. “This supplement has less fat than red meat and chicken,” says Leticia. But it is clear: in general steaks are welcome in the diet because are full of protein friends of lean body.
But even lean cuts carry saturated fat. By privileging the consumption of whey protein, you away from this ingredient, which is particularly harmful to the heart.

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