Lemon detox diet: lose up to 3 kilos in 15 days!

detox diet need not be radical, it can be based on functional foods – those that in addition to nourish, leaving you more resistant to disease and aging.
They are also able to enhance the liver in one of its main functions: eliminating toxins. From this, you are less resistant to weight loss. And gets another chop!
Some nutritionists say the body is smart enough to get rid of impurities alone. Others do not disagree, but argue that the detox is important to facilitate the purification process.
Especially if you usually consume fried, foods with trans fat, superindustrializados or grown with pesticides, smoking and being exposed to much sun and pollution. “These external actors contribute to the increase of toxic compounds in the body which, overwhelmed, can not account for all of them,” says Isabel Jereissati, Nutritionist Spa White
House in Búzios. Result: inflamed cells. What comes next? Everything you do not want: low resistance, tired, dull skin and extra weight.
The fibers work hard at cleaning. So the detox menu is plentiful in vegetables, nuts and seeds. Fruits are also welcomed. But the lemon diet is the darling. “Despite the sour taste, this fruit has alkalizing action, which improves the functioning of the organism as a whole also is rich in terpene
Substance that helps the liver to eliminate toxins,” says Isabel. They left out: red meat, sugar, cow’s milk and dairy products and chemical additives. During the program, look also avoid refined breads and biscuits. Incidentally, these items may leave instead of their food.
But if you can not live without them, the nutritionist advises repeat the detox every 30 days: can be seven days or just a weekend. The important thing is to do this type of cleaning regularly. Thanks … your body with extra pounds less!


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