When you make a fad diet, you will probably eat fewer calories and this will cause your metabolism to slow down.
Our metabolism as I said in other articles and I will repeat to you internalize learning, it is like a fire that has to be burning over high heat.
If you eat fewer calories or bad foods it will fall and every diet that is done he falls increasingly, preventing you to lose weight and stay thin to medium and long term.
Then you will win everything you lost and even a little, eating poorly and counting the calories from the food you eat (which frankly is very boring, does not it? Lol).
Did you know that the average weight gain after doing a fad diet is about 4kg to 5kg? That’s it! It really is a frightening number! In addition to the frustration of feeling the weight back, you still earn more and this is discouraging.
You’ll be amazed by what I say, but the secret lies not only in nutrition. To lose weight once and healthily, you have to be aligned with the mind the purpose:
1) Weight loss for real or just at that moment?
Many students and patients want to lose weight fast for a wedding or for a TIMELY event. Is that really what you seek for your life? Would you want to feel good, be proud to look in the mirror and feel wonderful, ONLY in marriage or a party?
How good would you feel good EVERYDAY. Feel admired every day. Feel light every day. Wear that pair of jeans that you LOVE, and who lived in the bottom drawer.
Too good, huh? So my first tip is: Want to lose weight for real!
2) Choose the right one
Before deciding to walk the path of true weight loss and lose weight for good, choose the correct way to go. After all, the better you stride toward RUN RIGHT than in the wrong direction, you agree?
3) Consistency versus persistence
Understand that persistence is you always try to lose weight every Monday, and then re-feeding with processed foods and bad carbohydrates. In other words, they are being PERSISTENT but not consistent.
Another thing is you choose the RIGHT way, you want to walk, and NO MATTER what may appear on your way, you will always firm in his walk. Always with the goal in mind. Willing to win and become a thin woman, healthy and good about yourself.
So before you tread any path HAVE IN MIND these 3 tips. And also consider some additional information:
The road to weight loss does not depend on extremely hard to follow diets;
It can follow a healthy way to lose weight without great hardship;
There are some exercises more suitable for weight loss.
In addition, seek to live a life feeding the right way, removing bad food, bad carbs, processed, which damage your metabolism and focus on using foods that will cleanse, reset your metabolism, thus, you will find soon the path to a sustainable and permanent loss of weight.


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