Diet to dry localized fat

According to Caroline, diet to dry the stomach should be focused on any other weight loss, but with the inclusion of certain foods that facilitate the removal of localized fat.
“Power must be balanced and varied. Meals should contain protein, complex carbohydrates, mono and polyunsaturated fats and vegetables and assorted vegetables, “he says.
Food-key to eliminating fat
It is important to include in the diet foods rich in fiber, as they promote greater satiety, preventing binge eating. “They must be consumed with plenty of water, otherwise it can cause constipation,” says the nutritionist.
Apart from this function, the nutritionist Kelly Balieiro, Femme Women’s Laboratory explains that the insoluble fibers – those that are not digested by the body – act as a sort of sponge in the stomach, sucking the fat eaten in the meal and removing it along with the feces. “The body just not absorbing fat consumed thanks to these fibers, which contribute greatly to the weight loss”
To increase fiber intake, bet on leafy vegetables, raw vegetables such as carrots and beets, fruits and whole grains.
In addition to fibers, the thermogenic foods are also great allies. Caroline indicates the consumption of ginger and green tea, which enhance fat loss. “The pepper and cinnamon are also thermogenic, but as it is very difficult to consume the necessary amount of these foods to produce some effect, are not recommended for this purpose,” he says.
Another nutritionist tip is consuming natural juices. “The biggest benefit of them is not ‘dry the belly’ but to provide nutrients to meet the body’s needs, and assist in fluid intake,” says the expert. “A well-nourished body will have everything you need to eliminate excess fats naturally,” he adds.
What to avoid
Soft drinks, fried foods and sweets have high calorie and very few nutrients and therefore contribute to the accumulation of fat in the belly. Prefer grilled dishes, baked or cooked fruit for dessert and natural juices.
Swelling or fat?
Caroline also states that it is possible to confuse water retention with excess abdominal fat. “The more pronounced swelling is the result of a disorderly diet with excess sodium and low fluid intake,” he says. To combat the problem, avoid consuming processed foods and soft drinks and put too much salt in food. It also seeks to consume plenty of water and exercising regularly, which helps eliminate excess body fluids.


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