3 tips on how to lose weight without dieting

Diet protein, gluten, soup, and all others who viewed fashion can even function, but not more than one or two months. Experts say that severe regimesmuito do not work in the long run, which means that people tend to return to put on weight, as they can not stand the “food stiffness” long. The truth is that to lose weight, people need to adopt good habits and learn to eat healthily.
In addition to following the good old rule opt for healthy, natural, whole foods, eat every three hours and make every meal of the day, giving preference to complex carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fruits and avoiding fried foods and sweets, there are some tips that can help and optimize weight loss. Check it:
1. Focus on chewing
According to a recent survey, the more time you spend chewing food, fewer calories you will ingest. The study found that people who chewed about 40 times every mouthful 12% ate less than those who chewed only 15 times. This result means that the faster you eat, the amount of food will consume. The explanation for this is that the organism takes 20 minutes after beginning a meal to signal that is satisfied. As chewing is the first step of digestion, it is important to properly grind food for the occurrence of proper absorption of nutrients and produce the feeling of satiety. And remember, your stomach does not have teeth to grind food, so chew them well before swallowing.
2. Always eat within an hour after waking up
You know that story that you can not have breakfast because it lives on the run? For those who want to lose weight, this habit has the opposite effect. Because this is the most important meal of the day and it is proven that people who eat the morning are leaner than those who skip this meal. Ideally eat within an hour after waking up, after we followed hours without eating while we sleep.
– During the night our body continues to work, but fasting is in the morning and we’ll reset all the nutrients needed to start the day – says nutritionist Eliane Romantini.
In addition, according to the expert, the exclusion of breakfast causes a person to be hungry during the day and have lack in speed eating, the quantity and quality of food, opting for more caloric foods, such as fried foods , sugary and fatty foods.
Another reason that proves that eating breakfast can help in weight loss, according to nutritional experts Luis Carlos Silveira and Mariela de Oliveira Silveira, the Kurotel Center for Longevity and SPA, is that because the person is on an empty stomach, the nutrients are ingested will be better absorbed.
– One of the moments of the day that statistically people eat more fruits is at breakfast. If this occurs, important vitamins and minerals in healthy metabolic process (such as chromium and zinc, for example) can be better absorbed. This will enable better synthesis of sugars and fats, reducing excessive fat deposits.
So if you want to lose weight nothing to stay skipping important meals like breakfast, otherwise already know: weight gain in the right! The important thing is to close his mouth to fatty foods.
– What should be avoided, but many people usually eat in the morning, are foods with low nutritional value and high in calories, such as soda, chips, products hydrogenated vegetable fat base, as croissant, filled wafer, fatty meats, such as salami , bologna – says Eliane.
The dietician gives tips for a brunch, healthy and indispensable to the daily life of those who are concerned with the body and health.
– Ideally, the power is balanced and that the person consume at least a source of protein such as milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs. At least one source of carbohydrate, preferably bread, toast and whole grain and foods that provide a source of vitamins and minerals, such as juices and fruit.
3. Stay focused on what you are eating
Not paying attention and not focus on food is another common mistake that people often make. Watch TV, talk on the phone or listen to music while eating can hinder weight loss. That’s because the brains of people who feed distracted with something else stops receiving signals that are eating. A study by Bristol University found that people who ate while doing other activities, ate twice as much food than those that focused on food.


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