10 tips for a healthy weight loss

Eat, eat, eat! For those who want to lose weight, the food does not come out of the head 24 hours a day.
What was a spontaneous act, shall be pre-determined. It explained: losing weight requires mealtimes, can not go running to the refrigerator at any time just to satisfy a mere will. Food is a source of pleasure, but first source of energy and nutrients to the body.
We agree, when it comes to diet or dietary discipline who does not twist the nose? Who does not think it will fall parachute in a concentration camp, where they will play the siren food tasteless?
Forget all that! Food tasteless and highly restricted means opposite path of healthy weight loss. That’s it. Before overjoyed’s good to know and be sure of what you want for you.
Lose weight for aesthetic just to get that dress that insists on staying or just to get into the pants of a year ago that had perfect fit makes follies are committed. Try it all. Days and days only eating salads. It is the green diet! Days and days drinking only juices. And diet of vitamin! Days in a row engulfing the same soup. What diet is that?
Emergency actions bring success? It depends on what is meant by success. If it means going to that party with the dream dress, congratulations! An advice? Get ready for what is coming. Do not panic if, next week, find it difficult to enter the same piece of clothing. Now, if you want to switch the power to have a healthier body, more willing and more beautiful, the talk is another.
There are no magic formulas. If you want a recipe to help you lose weight without secrets, physical activity! It will be good to be more willing, and fall, burn calories and improve fitness.
Lose weight slowly is discouraging because it does not see the results quickly? And what about the several failed attempts? How do you feel when you remember so many sacrifices?
Then, follow the 10 tips to lose weight healthily. And, of course, long lasting.
1. Do not rush. If you are overweight, ask yourself how long carries that excess. So to eliminate that day weight for the night?
2. gradually Correct your attitude towards food.
3. Do not delete from day to day that food that just thinking gives good water. In fact, never delete, but know when and how you can draw the milk.
4. Control anxiety. Find a distraction or a hobby that makes your attention deviate from food.
5. Stipulate time for meals.
6. Stop eating that sweet and replace it with the fruit of your choice.
7. Drink plenty, but muuuuuita water.
8. Let your colorful dish. Salads and vegetables should be present every day at lunch and dinner.
9. If anyone notice that is adopting new habits and ask if it’s the “regime”, send an audible “no”. Many people love sabotage the good intentions of others.
10. Trust you! Always have a positive attitude. Be determined and confident is more than half way to achieve your goal.


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12 Julho, 2018
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12 Julho, 2018
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