Way to lose weight with health

To lose weight fast it needs desinflamar the body through a detox food that can last a day, making a liquid feeding with organic fruits and vegetables at every meal.
After detoxify should make up a solid power with 5-6 meals a day, which should include fiber-rich foods to decrease appetite as cereals All Ban, passion fruit or almonds. See a list of these foods: Foods high in fiber.
Furthermore, the thermogenic foods such as green tea or ginger should also be consumed daily to help remove grease, for enhance the metabolism facilitate fat burning. Learn more about thermogenic foods: What are the thermogenic foods.
How to lose weight fast and healthy
To lose weight fast and healthy, sustainably we need to adopt healthy eating habits. Therefore, we recommend:
Eating 3 in 3 hours and never be more than 8 hours without food (eg in the evening);
Start meals with shallow bowl of vegetable soup;
Eat three pieces of fruit a day;
Always include vegetables groups in the main dish, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli;
Eating fish as sardines, salmon, hake or tuna once a day;
Drinking at least 1.5 L of water per day.
Regular physical exercise is very important to improve blood circulation, deflate and increase energy expenditure, being fundamental part of the weight loss process.
How fast weight loss after childbirth
Fast weight loss after birth is essential to follow a balanced diet and avoid making too restrictive diets because they can decrease milk production.
In addition, it should also practice some exercise like walking the baby stroller or walking, for example.


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