The new diet of points

This diet is one of the most requested by readers. No wonder: you choose what you want to eat and mounts your dish anywhere. The new version has only a change! Foods with trans fat – the worst of all – should be left out.
But they show the foods in which this enemy of the heart and love handles usually hide. Other than that, you’re still free to eat what you want and lose up to 4 kilos in a month – without starving!
Hamburger, mayonnaise, fries … With a diet of points, you lose weight eating everything. Oops, provided you have no trans fat. It is the first time that this weight loss system – a top seller of diets for more than 30 years in the list of the most followed in Brazil – suggests closing the mouth to one type of food. And there is good reason for this.
The trans more fattening than other fats, especially in the abdomen. So look on the bright side. Without this enemy, can you dry even faster tummy.
In the new diet, the exchange of bread and refined pasta for the full version also was strengthened. “Because they are high in fiber, whole foods increase the feeling of fullness. And that helps control the points,” explains Monica Beyruti, nutritionist Clinic Alfredo Halpern, in São Paulo.
But you need not feel forced to give up the French roll or white rice. In the diet of points, the extra step still lose weight in a pleasurable way. Then prepare the calculator and see the food tables to set up your dish as, anywhere – at home, in fast food in the cafeteria, in kilo … and stay lean without sacrifice!
How it works
Instead of calories in this diet you add points (each point is worth 3.6 calories). Thus, it is free of a ready menu by placing the dish only what you like. Of course it has a limit. To dry up to 4 kilos in a month, you are entitled to consume 320 points (or almost 1200 calories) per day. To avoid losing the bills, keep the tables on the following pages are always around.
Ideally book between 160 and 176 points (ie between 50% and 60% of the total allowed) for carbohydrates (breads, pastas, cereals – whole, preferably -, fruits and vegetables). Since proteins (meat, milk, cheese, yogurt – especially thin versions – and grains) should amount to between 33 and 50 (which equals 10% to 15% of total) and fats (oil, olive oil, butter and nuts) to 96 points (30% of the daily total). Just do not forget that fat has built in various foods.
Tips for your diet to work
Make a food diary, writing down everything they ate. Add up the points after lunch and before dinner. So you have no idea as yet entitled to consume.
At main meals, cash 15 points of spice used in the preparation of food.
If frying, multiply the points indicated in the table by 3. And 4 in the case of breaded or breaded. Example: a grilled steak has 56 points and breaded 224.
Exceeded the quota? Compensate, eating less at the next meal.
Eat a good plate of salad before the main. It is healthy and keeps you overdo the more caloric foods, or better, with many points.
Eat every three hours. In addition to maintaining the most active metabolism – important to burn the accumulated fat – you get less ravenous at the next meal.
Chew several times each mouthful of food.
Avoid too much fluid in the meal. Drink no more than a small cup.
It stir. This accelerates the result of diet.


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