How to lose weight, the healthy way

A lean and toned body is to be achieved gradually, through healthy lifestyle habits. With the approach of summer, however, many people who are above the desired weight try to make up for lost time with crazy diets and exaggerated exercise routine.
It need not be so. Until New Year’s Eve – that is, in six weeks – you can lose weight 6 kilos in a healthy way. One of the secrets is to follow a balanced diet, it is not too restrictive. According to endocrinologist Izidoro
Flumignan, Treatment Center of Obesity Network D’Or São Luiz, in Rio de Janeiro, the body always tends to return the weight to which it is accustomed. “The brain can absorb a loss of no more than 1 kilo a week,” he says. If the pointer of the scale decreases more than that, the body triggers a series of hormonal changes that increase appetite, slow metabolism and causes the body to eliminate less fat. For this reason, the gradual weight loss helps maintain long-term weight and away from the concertina effect.
At this power, it must be low in fat and sugars, it is necessary to associate physical exercises. If the person is sedentary, the recommendation is to choose a method that suits you – cycling, running, walking, weight, whatever. Thus, it will have more motivation to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, the minimum needed to start losing weight.
“One can include in this half hour activities such as walking to work or climb a flight of stairs,” says Bruno Gualano physical educator, professor at the University of São Paulo (USP). Furthermore, it is important to take at least three days of the week to the practice of moderate exercise high, such as running, to accelerate burning calories and therefore weight loss.
Diet – According to nutritionist Rosana Perim, nutrition manager HCor – Heart Hospital in Sao Paulo, balancing the nutrients the dish and eat small snacks to three hours are critical to not extrapolate in calories, fats and sugars. “The main meals need to be rich in salads and have moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates,” says Rosana. “The weight loss process is gradual, but this time of year can be a good opportunity for the person to start a healthy life”


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