GH diet: lose 4 kg in 30 days with growth hormone

What avocado and almond have to do with GH? They are rich in antioxidants and good fat and, therefore, are high on the list of foods allies of growth hormone.
Responsible for the development of bones and tissues (nerves, skin and muscle fibers), GH is important in childhood and adolescence, when it reaches peak production. In adulthood, he continues with noble functions: ” It is important for burning fat and preserving lean mass, ” explains Amilton Macedo, expert dermatologist in orthomolecular practice for weight loss, of.
From the age of 25, however, the levels begin to drop, reaching 1/3 of production at age 30, especially if you exaggerate in carbohydrates and is sedentary. The losses appear as sagging and extra centimeters in waist circumference. But it’s not hard to change this story: small adjustments on the menu may be enough to stimulate the hormone, which helps keep your body firm and fit.
Our suggestion: follow the diet devised by nutritionist Leandra Veneziani Freire, also from São Paulo. The menu combines moderate carbohydrate moieties (where the complex – i.e., high-fiber) with more whimsical thin portions of protein and fat good. ” The goal is to reduce the glycemic load meals to maintain the levels of the hormone insulin under control.
In excess in the body, it can interfere not only in production but also in GH action, ” says nutritionist. What do you get it? Oops, you lose! At least 4 kilos in 30 days.
More lean protein and good fat
All meals (from breakfast until dinner) include foods that stimulate growth hormone. Can you lose 4 kilos in 30 days – or more, if you associate exercise to diet


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