Does Pitaya lose weight?

Pitaya or dragon fruit is a cactus native to the Andes. It has a rustic appearance and full of scales, is delicious and full of incredible properties!

Just to start this story, with information that will make pitaya worshipers even more excited: pitaya slim too! The prodigious fruity presents low calories, is thermogenic, prebiotic, has soluble and insoluble fibers, in short, it is worth knowing it better.

Obviously you can not spend your whole life eating pitaya, even though its prices are not so exciting, but making it an ally next to the diet to lose a few pounds is a good alternative.

Pitaya really slims?

Pitaya can help you lose weight. Its thermogenic property means it will take longer to digest, and in that process, energy expenditure will also be higher, requiring more calories to implement.

Another property of pitaya is the presence of anthocyanin. It is an antioxidant that makes the metabolism work harder, and also keeps our fat cells "faint". This characteristic associated with fruit does not only bring aesthetic benefits. It is also very important for the heart.

To complete the effects of how the pitaya slims, an amino acid comes into play - tyramine. It acts from the moment it triggers a hormone called glucagon, capable of turning fat into energy.

Another contribution of tyramine is inhibiting appetite, maintaining satiety, and containing the desire to eat sweets. Satiety also occurs by the presence of fibers, which promote other additional benefits.

Nutritional Values ​​of Pitaya

In every 100 grams of pitaya (1 units) we find:

50 calories;

0.38g of total fats;

12.26 carbohydrates;

1.7g of fibers;

0.78 g protein;

zero cholesterol.


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