Detox diet only three days can have great results

While maintaining a healthy diet all week, it is common to bother with either extra fat to go to that special event. To solve the problem, created the detox 72 hours, which helps you to eliminate the excesses of healthy and efficient manner. The nutróloga LILIANE OPPERMANN talks all about the method, and indicates the menu that you can wipe up to 2.5 kilograms.
What is DETOX?
You have certainly heard of detox, a word that is associated with a wide range of products and diets. But ultimately, what is it? “It is important to clarify what is detox, because today you have any product you can imagine with this nomenclature. DETOX ARE THE FOOD THAT WILL NOT BRING DAMAGES FOR BODY, no dyes, no too much sodium, no industrialized associated with very liquid, natural items and correct distribution over the meals, “he explains.
It is worth mentioning that the process of eliminating toxins is natural that your body already does. “OUR BODY NOW WORKS AS A DETOX AND THE IDEA THAT POWER TYPE is not burden IT EVEN MORE. All the time we are eliminating toxins through the liver and kidneys, and by sweating. Do an exercise to perspire more or sauna helps a lot “, he says.
The menu should be used for the indicated time, which will help you eliminate weight without losing muscle. “The idea is that this detox does not exceed 72 hours because you can not restrict the diet for many days. IF YOU PASS a long time RESTRICTION CALORIC BODY UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A THREAT AND LOWERS METABOLISM, and may even gain weight. Then it’s you who wants to go to the event and it is with some localized fat, for those with heavy overweight will not solve. IDEAL is HAVE A MEDICAL MONITORING to be mounted specifically for you, but this option can be used for this period of three days, “indicates.
Many detox diets just preach the liquid food, which may not be healthy nor effective in the medium term. “Here they are made two meals with juices, and in the morning you still have a clear omelet together. SOME PROGRAMS SELL ONLY DRINKING CONTAINING ALMOST NOTHING OF PROTEIN, SO PEOPLE END UP LOSING MASS LEAN AND NET. In this diet you have protein and functional foods, such as passion fruit tea, which helps in insomnia, and that will reduce stress because cortisol increases abdominal fat. It greatly improves the skin, energy and intestine “he says.
One of the biggest advantages of the program is to motivate you, and can be repeated with some frequency. “Sometimes the person does a detox and this helps to better reflect the habits for life. SEE RESULTS FAST ENOUGH AND YOU DO MOTIVA FORCE WIN TO GO BEYOND BECAUSE DIET DO NOT EASY, however it is balanced. One must understand that nutritional education is what keeps you within the weight and healthy, and if you maintain a balanced and appropriate menu can make this menu every weekend “


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